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Chromebook Agreement
Posted On:
Thursday, April 09, 2020
For students with school-issued Chromebooks

Tuscumbia City Board of Education 

Parent/Guardian and Student Electronic Device Usage Agreement 

There will be no fees associated with usage of electronic devices issued by Tuscumbia City Board of Education for the remainder of the 2019-2020 Academic year. 

All below guidelines must be followed: 

. At all times when using this device you should be in compliance with any federal or state laws, school policies, or Student Code of Conduct. All issues or repairs to electronic devices must be completed through technicians located at the Tuscumbia City Board of Education. Willful, deliberate, or habitual damages to the computers will cause Tuscumbia City Board of Education to charge the student/parent the full cost of the replacement or repairs of the electronic device. Such cases may be turned over to the Tuscumbia Police Department. 

Each device will be equipped with tracking capabilities in the event a device is lost or stolen. All computers reported stolen must be reported, as soon as possible, to school administration. A police report is required within 48 hours, if not, the student will be responsible for payment of replacement. ALL damage incidents will be investigated by administration. The waiver of a usage fee will NOT cover repairs from issues resulting from: 

Damage resulting in a broken screen caused by abuse or misuse. Actual costs of the repair will be charged at full cost of parts and labor.

Damage caused by accident, abuse, or misuse; to include, but not limited to, scratches, dents, and broken areas around ports, that does not otherwise affect functionality or impair your use,

Damage as a result of a pet. Damage as a result of leaving the device in a hot car.

Damage as a result of food, drink, or other liquid on or near the device.

Damage as a result of negligence; to include, but not limited to, leaving the device or charger unattended, leaving the device or charger in an unsafe location or position, misuse, or improper handling.

Damage caused by operating the product outside of the permitted or intended uses.

Damage to a part or product that has been modified to alter functionality or capability without the written permission of Tuscumbia City Board of Education.

Any issue with serial numbers, barcode, or identifying information being removed. 


I have read and understand that I am responsible for the issued electronic device. 

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